WinSenga (@winsenga, winsenga.org) is a collage of mother-child care apps/solutions, among them a foetal heart rate monitor on mobile phone. It is the brain-child of Cipher256 – a tech startup in Uganda that focuses on delivering innovative accessible, affordable and quality COMMUNITY-CENTRIC solutions (@cipher256, cipher256.com) founded by Joshua Okello (@joshuaokello, joshuaokello.com) and Aaron Tushabe (@tushabeaaron, aarontushabe.com).
We use mobile technology to improve the quality of antenatal care (ANC) and labour/childbirth-care delivered in the poorest and remotest parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and increase the number of mothers in this region this standardized care by making this care more affordable and accessible. In 2012, we received a grant from Microsoft for continued iteration, and further development of WinSenga.
Ultimately, we believe that this will reduce the maternal and new born deaths due to complications during pregnancy and labour that are largely preventable and manageable if diagnosed quickly and early.
For more information, visit our website at winsenga.org. You send as an email using the form below or at winsenga@cipher256.com.




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