WinSenga Update/Bulletin 38.0

We completed WinSenga eFHR version 2.1 a short while back. We’ll be sharing a link to the app on the Windows Phone store in the coming weeks so you can check it out and help us improve the user experience through your feedback.


Lesson from WinSenga version 2.0: Refocus.

We listened to the feedback from our medical team and users to refocus. And we’ve done just that and stripped the app into smaller, more focused apps: WinSenga eFHR (an ultrasound on a mobile phone that can diagnose, alert, suggest courses of action, and make referrals), WinSenga ANC (an automated ‘clerking’ tool for midwives complete with diagnosis help, alerts, recommendations and referral help) and PregCalc (a pregnancy tracker and information guide that will also come to mothers without ‘smart’ phones via free SMS). – Joshua Okello, Lead Developer with WinSenga, Co-Founder & Business Development Lead at Cipher256

WinSenga eFHR v2.1 teaser in pics: With this new design, we’ve gone minimalist and focused on getting the user to productivity quickly.

As always, we still have easy -to-understand suggestions, now delivered via a pivot together with a summary of the results.

And you can send the results to the mother or continue to work on the next mother. We know this can be confusing at first. No worries. We’ve put all you need to know in a one-pager to make you a superhero. 🙂
Lastly, you can push all this quickly to the cloud via your OneDrive.