WINSENGA UPDATE/BULLETIN 26.0 – Uganda: No More ‘Labour Suites’ in Banana Plantation

Excerpts from AllAfrica website.

A worker at PACE, a social marketing franchise involved in health projects, says Ugandans in rural areas still give birth in banana plantations!

And, according to David Mutale, a project co-coordinator of Holistic Care for Mothers, a project aimed at reducing maternal mortality, preparations for giving birth, for those mothers intending to give birth in a banana plantation, include identification and cutting down of the banana leaf the mother will lie on during delivery, washing the banana leaf, followed by arranging the banana leaf in the spot the mother intends to deliver from.

But why are mothers still delivering babies in banana plantations? Why aren’t they delivering from health centres?

Well, because if an expectant mother does not have items such as sterile gloves, a plastic sheet and cotton wool, health workers will not help her deliver as contact with her blood puts the health worker at risk of various infections.

……… Catherine Ntabadde, the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) publicist, says having realised that the poor state of health facilities and lack of items like gloves were deterring women in northern Uganda from delivering from health facilities, UCRS implemented the Mama Bag Appeal programme in northern Uganda involving the giving out of Mama kits containing sterile gloves, cotton wool, a plastic sheet and baby clothes to expectant mothers.



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