WinSenga Update/Bulletin 6.0 – Introducing mParto

In Uganda alone, less than 40% of  mothers make the recommended minimum 4 antenatal visits. The reasons range from long distances to health facilities to  lack of effective equipment at the facilities to the alarming medical human resource gap. The goal of WinSenga is to save lives through early detection of preventable complications during pregnancy and those that may later arise during childbirth. It does so by allowing high risk mothers in rural areas to access antenatal care.

We, realized however, that the same mothers we have saved using WinSenga, could potentially face other complications during the process of birth itself. We needed a way to help improve the quality of care and service delivered during childbirth. Enter mParto, a digitized/mobile partograph.


mParto – mobile-based partograph

The partograph is a simple single page monitoring tool for the first stage of labor.   The tool allows the skilled birth attendant to monitor the progress of labor, the mother and the fetus, hour by hour and to have a clear means of tracking whether labor is obstructed–with ‘alert’ and ‘action’ lines signaling when a labor has become complicated.   The tool was modified by the WHO and reintroduced in a simpler form.  Nevertheless, its use is not consistent and training with the partogram is sporadic in many settings.  –

The WHO-modified ‘simpler form’ looks like this:


WHO-modified partgraph

Given the human resource gap, the nature of use (plotting and timing manually) and it being paper-based, mParto presents a faster, easier and efficient way of monitoring the mother and child during labour and childbirth.


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