Field Testing 1.0 – Mulago Hospital Antenatal Care Unit

This morning Cipher256 was at Mulago Hospital Antenatal care unit and this is what we saw:

Mulago Hospital Antenatal Care Unit - July 26th 2012

The queue at Mulago Hospital Antenatal Care Unit – July 26th 2012

At Mulago, we met with Dr.Birungi whose pointers and advice will go along way in realising WinSenga as a product. The video will be on YouTube soon.


WinSenga: Imagine Cup Round Up and BEYOND

“The greatest ideas are the simplest ” –  Lord of the Flies ~ William Golding.

WinSenga is such an idea. Simple yet has far-reaching and unprecedented impact.

Team Cipher256

Team Cipher256 – Round one presentation that got us into the top 20 out of 72 teams from around the globe.

Team Cipher256 flew back on the 10th of July after a wonderful and life-changing one week. It is very unfortunate that we never made it to Sydney. Most of you were asking for photos and others went as far as scanning all the photos on the Imagine Cup blog (sadly, no Ugandan flag was spotted). Well, our visa applications were rejected on the last day, so we had to present remotely via video conference at the Microsoft Offices in Nairobi.

View from Microsoft Nairobi Offices Balcony

The view from Microsoft Nairobi Offices Balcony

Round One presentation pic 1

Round One presentation – Joshua explaining the problem, justification and WinSenga as a solution to that problem

Despite that, we beat the odds and  made it to the second round of the Worldwide Finals (Top 20 out of the 72 teams). Only one other African country achieved this feat. In fact we became the first team from East and Southern Africa (excluding South Africa) to make it to the second round at the Worldwide Finals. We were also by extension the only subSaharan African team to make it to that round. We never made it to top 6 but were ranked in the top 10 overall.

Round One Presentation pic 2

Round One Presentation – Aaron explaining the architecture of WinSenga


With your votes, we were able to rank 18th in the People’s Choice Award. Thank you. We ranked higher than countries that not only have much larger populations but have more internet users.




Here’s our round two presentation demo. As you will see, it was difficult doing a proper and convincing demo over video conference. Ordinarily (if we had travelled to Sydney), we would have done that at the team’s allocated booth. The video is courtesy of itwebafrica.

Thank you for for your support: prayers, votes, spreading the word about WinSenga and any other form of support you gave us.

The Future:

We are working round the clock to  improve the product  and add new features, but we are also lobbying for funds to sponsor a nation wide trial.Individuals and organisations willing to partner with us are welcome. Please contact us (via twitter, facebook or post a comment here) so we can discuss the partnership.