Update/Bulletin 2.0

Last Friday, Winsenga got the rare opportunity to present at the Mara Innovation launch. The presentation “Innovation to Business: Winsenga” by Joshua focused on the innovation Winsenga is, the problems it addresses, the opportunities it presents (in solving those problems, among them saving the lives of innumerable mothers especially in Sub-Saharan Africa), and how it will turn into a business.

Joshua’s presentation “Innovation to Business: Winsenga” at Mara Innovation Launch (Friday June 1st, 2012)

Mara Innovation is an initiative of Mara Foundation to avail space, funding/capital and other resources (like internet) to any one with an innovation/idea that they believe it feasible and thus poses great business potential. The other initiative by Mara Foundation is Mara Launch Pad that provides office space, internet and other resources to start ups.

Mara Innovation Launch (Friday June 1st, 2012)

Other guest speakers included Solomon King (Fundi-bots), Abdul Sekalala, Joseph Migadde (DesignCostBuild), Henry (Media256), among others.


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