WinSenga Bulletin/Update 1.0 – Field Testing

Some time last week, Team Cipher 256 had the humbling opportunity of presenting WinSenga to the UNICEF chief and Section Heads. Also present  were specialists from the medical and technology fields.

The UNICEF top brass echoed the importance such affordable devices as WinSenga, and the enormous impact they can have in reducing maternal morbidity and mortality.

In light of the wonderful presentation, WinSenga will be undergoing field testing/trials under the auspices of UNICEF. We will be observing the impact of WinSenga in the communities, how it is used and how to further improve it to enhance the user experience, among others. The programme will start between early and mid-June, this year.


3 thoughts on “WinSenga Bulletin/Update 1.0 – Field Testing

  1. How does @WinSsenga work! This is apparently missing in the info box above!

  2. @Pricilla: Thanks for the question.
    WinSenga works by making deductions as any doctor/midwife/medical personnel would: from heartbeats and other sounds. From these (for example foetal heartbeat/rate), the personnel infer all manner of things and so does WinSenga. The modified pinnard horn is placed on the mother’s belly to pick sounds as a midwife would with a normal pinnard horn.

    Does that answer your question?

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